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The name of our company ”D-Ex Limited” reflects the main influences at the time of our creation in the year 1991. At that time Czech-Slovakia were connected by a hyphen, as were the two halves of our name. Now, the two countries are separated by a real border, but D-Ex (still working in both areas) remains

integrated. The ”Ex” is derived from our early work in the field of hazardous areas and ”Limited” is taken from the English, as recognition for the help provided in the early days from our partner Measurement Technology Instruments.

The sale of intrinsically safe converters was followed by the sale of other instruments used by our customers specialising in measurement and control – magnetic floats or bypass gauges for level measurements, deadweight testers and electronic calibrators for pressure calibration and a wide selection of compression fittings and valve manifolds. In addition reputable foreign partners and a stable base of Czech and Slovak customers allow us to organise: intrinsic safety seminars which include live reconstructions of real explosions, an international conference with top experts in pressure calibration, or even a bit of sales humour: intrinsically safe soap.

Our foreign partners are all carefully selected and in addition to mandatory tests and certification their products are also subjected to audits at key customers and tests in pilot installations. The result is a range of measurement and calibration instrumentation, which fulfils the highest quality requirements at prices recommended by their manufacturers. Every customer of D-Ex Limited can be assured that their wishes, technical requirements and potential problems will be solved by a qualified specialist trained by the manufacturer and directly responsible to the manufacturer for their work.